SMFR:n itsenäisyyspäiväjuhla, 06.12.2002 @Stadin Tähti

DJ:t Cirrus (Thunderfleet org.) ja Jiituomas (KMY)

(j) Sine Nomine: With You In Spirit (Amenia Amanitas)
(j) Moby: Move (Volume remix) (Trance Europe Express)
(j) Ulver: The future sound of music (Perdition City)
(j) Apollo 440: Liquid Cool (Theme For Cryonic Suspension) (Millennium Fever)
(j) Kirlian Camera: Thanks Pigs (Unidentified Light)
(j) Marillion and The Positive Light: The Memory Of Water (Tales from the Engine Room)
(j) Panic On The Titanic: Learning to Fly (Oddity-Mix) (Celtic Circle Sampler 4)
(j) Christ Analogue: Optima organic radio (Awake the Machines)
(j) Tiamat: Cold Seed (A Deeper Kind Of Slumber)
(c) Marilyn Manson: Tainted Love (Tainted Love -single)
(c) Depeche Mode: It's No Good (Andrea Parker Mix) (It's No Good -single)
(c) All Saints: Lady Marmelade (98 Mix) (Lady Marmelade -single)
(c) Björk: Violently Happy (7" Edit) (Violently Happy -single)
(c) Nightcrawlers: Push the Feelin' On (MK's Nocturnal Dub) (Push the Feelin' On -single)
(c) M People: One Night in Heaven (7"edit) (One Night in Heaven -single)
(c) Michael Jackson: Blood on the Dancefloor (TM's Switchblade mix ) (Blood on the Dancefloor -single)
(c) Madison Avenue: Don't Call Me Baby (12" Mix) (Don't Call Me Baby -single)
(c) Supermen Lovers: Diamonds for Her (Poundd Boys Vocal Mix) (Diamonds for Her -single)
(c) Sofie Ellis Bextor: Murder on the Dancefloor (Parky & Birchy Remix) (Murder on the Dancefloor -single)
(c) Aikakone: Neiti Groove (Captain Mix) (Neiti Groove -single)
(c) DB Boulevard: Point of View (Original Club Mix) (Point of View -single)
(c) T.A.T.U.: All the Things She Said (Extension 119 Club Vocal Mix) (All the Things She Said -single)
(j) Android Lust: Suffer the Flesh (Resolution)
(c) Eddy Grant: Electric Avenue (Tobago Mix) (Electric Avenue -single)
(j) Front 242: In Rhythmus Bleiben (Front By Front)
(c) Bomfunk MC's: Super Electric (Fu-Tourist Remix) (Super Electric -single)
(j) White Zombie: Electric Head Pt. 2 (Sexational After Dark Mix) (Supersexy Swingin' Sounds)
(c) George Michael: Freeek! (Max Reich Mix) (Freeek! -single)
(j) Coph Nia: Opus 77 (Infest8) (That which is Remade)
(c) Las Ketchup: The Ketchup Song (Spanglish version) (The Ketchup Song -single)
(j) Eläkeläiset: Jenkkapolkkahumppa (Jenkkapolkkahumppa)
(c) Don Huonot: Seireeni (Single Mix) (Seireeni -single)
(j) Abba: Dancing Queen (Greatest Hits)
(c) Gloria Gaynor: I Will Survive (Original Version) (I Will Survive -single)
(j) Army of Lovers: Crucified (Massive Luxury Overdose)
(c) N-Trance: Staying Alive (Radio Version) (Staying Alive -single)
(j) The Sisters Of Mercy: This Corrosion (Floodland)
(j) Joy Division: Shadowplay (Unknown Pleasures)
(j) Bauhaus: She's In Parties (1979 - 1983 Volume Two)
(j) Tarmvred: Subfusc part 01 (Subfusc)
(j) Hocico: Odio En El Alma (Odio Bajo El Alma)
(j) Klute: The Furor (Covered in Black - An Industrial Tribute to the Kings of High Voltage AC/DC)
(c) E-Type: Life (Pierre J's New-Type Remix) (Life -single)
(c) Kosheen: Catch (Ferry Corsten Vocal Remix) (Catch -single)
(c) Bleachin': Peakin' (Darude vs. JS16 Long Version) (single)
(c) U96: Das Boot (Mellow-D Remix) (Das Boot -single)
(c) Hot Chocolate: You Sexy Thing (You Sexy Thing -single)
(c) N-Trance: Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? (Radio Edit) (Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? -single)
(c) Abba: Voulez-Vous (Pure Disco 2)
(c) Gibson Brothers: Cuba (Pure Disco)
(c) Abba: Summer Night City (More Gold)
(j) Ricky Martin: Livin' La Vida Loca (Ricky Martin)
(c) Los Del Rio: Macarena (DJ Dero - Latin Piano Remix) (Macarena -single)
(j) Sunscreem: Perfect Motion (Perfect Motion)
(c) Nylon Beat: Teflon Love (Teflon Love -single)
(j) KMFDM: Virus (Naive - Hell to Go)
(c) Timo Maas: To Get Down (To Get Down -single)
(j) :Wumpscut: Ich Will Dich (Boeses Junges Fleisch)
(c) Depeche Mode: Just Can't Get Enough (Just Can't Get Enough -single)
(j) Savage Garden: To the Moon and Back (Hani's NUM Radio Edit) (To the Moon and Back)
(c) JS16: Stompin' System (Original Mix) (single)
(j) Strom EC.: herra (Neural Architect)
(c) Smurffit: Patin Salsa (Smurffit 10.)
(j & c) Depeche Mode: Master and Servant (Slavery Whip Mix) (Master and Servant) medley with Depeche Mode: Master and Servant (Slavery Whip Mix) (Master and Servant)

total 5h 15min